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For schedule of tests and times, click here:


We are excited to announce our upcoming LEAP testing dates.  We will have our LEAP test

April 27, 2022-May 4, 2022.


Things to know

  1. VIP students, click here for your testing information
  2. All students must take LEAP tests. This is a state and federal requirement. Failure to take the test could result in zeroes. 
  3. Students should be at Good Hope no later than 7:45 on their assigned testing day
  4. VIP Students should be sure to bring their fully charged and fully operational OPSB Chromebook and its charger. The testing platform is only loaded to OPSB devices. All other students’ devices have been collected for testing.
  5. Students should not bring any other electronic devices. (No cellphones, smart watches, smart pens, smart glasses, IPADS, tablets, etc) These will be taken up and kept until after testing. 
  6. Students should not wear hoodies. 
  7. Students should be well-rested, on time, and ready to test. 
  8. There will not be check-ins/check-outs during testing times. No visitors are allowed on campus during testing except those involved in testing. 
  9. We have all worked VERY HARD this year and we want to be sure that our scores reflect that. Please help us with this goal.