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LEAP testing

Thursday, October 28, 2021


ALL Students will be taking this test except those who have Mr. McGee as their teacher.

Students should NOT be late to school. Plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:50. Once testing has begun, students who are late cannot be added to the testing sessions or to any regular classes following testing. Late students will be held in a room for the day and will not be allowed to be around other students because of test security.

Students should bring their OPSB Chromebook and its charger. The Chromebook should be charged AND in working condition.

Student should NOT bring cellphones, earbuds/ear phones/audio devices, or any other electronics. Cellphones that are brought to school will be taken up and kept for the ENTIRE DAY. This is part of test security. For those who have “test read aloud” as an accommodation, headphones will be provided.

We will not allow checkouts during testing.

Students should be well-rested and ready to test. This test covers what they have learned in ELA this nine weeks.

Students cannot wear hoodies during testing. This is part of test security.

This test will be given during Red Ribbon week, Halloween week, WMHS Homecoming week, etc. However, it is very important to all of us that students are focused and do their best on Thursday.