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Good Hope Middle School Golf 


Golf signup will be from October 18- October 22, 2023.  You will need to provide a scorecard where you played 18 holes or 2-9 hole games at a local golf course from June-Oct 2023 if this is your first year to play with Good Hope.  The scorecard will need to be signed by someone at the clubhouse or a leader of the Front 9 Tour.  Tryouts will be held during the month of October 2023 as needed.


The following are the estimated costs to participate: (subject to change)

$200 Calvert Crossing dues to use their facilities to practice as a team from Jan-April 2024 (if you are a member then this is not charged)

$135 Front 9 Tour

$60 Athletic Fee (Includes Polo, ¼ Zip Pullover, & Hat)


Additional green fees if we play at any other time or any single tournaments (Optional)

You will need to provide golf clubs, golf balls, tees, etc.  You are also responsible for your own transportation to and from practice and tournaments.  You may purchase any or all of the following:  Pullover, Rain Jacket, Hat, and additional Polo’s.  Golf shoes are not required!


Please complete the following forms and return with your scorecard by October 22, 2023:  

Forms (Click Forms for access)

Golf Clothes (Click Golf Clothes for access)


The official season will begin in January 2024 and run through April 2024.  We could have some optional practice during November/December 2023.  We will have consistent practices beginning January 2024.  We will normally practice on Wednesday and Friday, but this is subject to change.


Golf Tournaments  (Subject to Change)

Feb 27:  Bayou Desiard Country Club @ 3:30

March 5:  Calvert Crossing Country Club @ 3:30

March 12:  Morehouse Country Club @ 3:30

March 14:  Frenchman’s Bend Country Club @ 3:30

March 19:  Chennault @ 3:30

April 4:  Black Bear @ 1:00 (A) or 2:30 (B)



Coaches:  Russell White (

Nicky Hilburn

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