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Intermediate Art - Second Year Art Students

All Students have a (SB) Sketchbook Entry each day of the week,  Monday – Friday (10 pts) a day.  On Friday, they send pictures of all SB entries for that week via Google Slides.  If these aren’t received by 3pm each FRIDAY, students receive a zero.  IF STUDENTS are in school, I check SB entries  in class each FRIDAY.  These are to be drawn front and back on copy paper.  If you don’t have copy paper at home, use  lined paper. The SB assignments are posted MONTHLY, that way students can look any day of the month for their SB assignment.  If they do not have a computer, they can use a cell phone to send their assignments.  

Students that miss for any ILLNESS or QUARANTINE have their last project grade doubled, as I don’t send ART SUPPLIES home with students.  If you have any questions, please email me at