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Student Council

We had an overwhelming response of students who were interested in Student Council.  Over 100 of you!  This is awesome because so many of you are invested in making Good Hope the best it can be.  Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone and while you may or may not see your name on this list, please know that all of you present valuable contributions to our school and community. If you’re in 6th grade applying and did not make it this year, know that you can apply again next year!  If you’re in 7th grade applying, priority was given to members who served in Student Council last year and who will remain on Student Council.  There were only a few spots left after those decisions and it was extremely difficult for us to round out that group.  I am always happy to meet with you after Spring Break to discuss your application if you did not make it this year to see where you can improve in an application process.  

8th Grade Student Council Members  

7th Grade Student Council Members

Abigail Williams     Amelia Hebert
Alice Thomas     Anna Belle Upshaw

Anna Beth Jackson

    Anna Roubique
Bella Barrios     Aubrey Littleton
Elly Semmes     Austin Flowers
Estelle Moody    

Ava Katherine Mann

Holly Cassels     Callie Smith

Isabella Hemperley

    Carys Thornton
Iza Barrios     Chloe Jolie Burnett
Jenni Jackson     Claire Lowery
John Jones     Conner Cobb
Kaleb Ring     Cooper Thompson
Karlie Norwood     Gage Neck
Kullen Dial     Jordyn Harris

Madden Lane Johnston

    Kendal Bennett
Mady Andries     Lyla Belle Womack
Matthew Peters     Mayson Morrow
Mia Humphries     Rianne Payne
Rose Colson     Rilynn Sullivan
Vivie Leshe     Rylee Paris