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Robin West

Treble clef

Welcome to Band!

Hello Band Students!!

We have made so much progress this year and accomplished so much!  Let’s continue to build upon that by practicing daily and finishing this year stong!

Beginners – Please continue to work on your scales and spring concert music as well as the pages in the red book.  The spring concert songs are We Will Rock You, Go Big Red! Go Big Blue!, Shine, and Indigo Rock on page 21.  Start on the page we were on in class and continue on from there.  Also, in the back of the book, there are rhythm pages on pages 44-46 and supplemental exercises on pages 38-43. “The Good Life” solo is also on page 19 of the red book.  Do keep up with your practice time on your practice card.

Intermediate and Advanced Band – Please continue to work on Childhood Hymn, Jazzoo, your festival music, and your solo and ensemble music.  Please work out of your book as well.  The Advanced band book has a wealth of exercises as well as high school scales in the back of the book.  8th grade percussion, we will let you know about high school tryouts as soon as we know anything.

8th graders – We still want to see those BABY pictures!  Please email those to Mrs. West, if you can.  My email address is  If you scan a picture, please save it as a JPeg.

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