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Louisiana Young Readers' Choice

Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award

Our school participates in the Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award. These books are chosen by a committee of librarians throughout the state of Louisiana to best represent books published for 6th to 8th grade.  This is an optional program to particpate in but the GHMS Library is a supporter and we will award prizes to students who complete the entire list.  Students who read at least three of the twelve books will be allowed to vote during a special day where we get voting machines and they learn about the voting process. 

As you read the books, fill out the form here.  Mrs. Wilkes cannot keep up with what you’re reading unless you’ve put your information in!!!!

Please also note that these books are not all available at the Good Hope Middle School Library.  The Ouachita Parish Public Library is an excellent resource to find these items as well!  An annotated list is available below to find the books that are best for you!



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