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VIP LEAP Testing



When you registered for VIP, you were informed that all VIP students must attend LEAP testing IN-PERSON and that LEAP tests are happening throughout the year. (see handout entitled “VIP Things to Know (#17)” and handout/webpage posting “OPSB Middle School VIP Criteria”)


Our second LEAP test will be given to

6th graders and 8th graders – Tuesday, January 25th

7th graders – Wednesday, January 26th


Things to know

  1. All students must take LEAP tests. This is a state and federal requirement. Failure to take the test could result in zeroes.
  2. This year, OPSB is not providing transportation. Parents/Guardians of VIP students must drop off and pick up their students at Good Hope. Drop-off and pick-up areas are located outside the new gym.
  3. This year, OPSB is not offering testing at alternate sites. You must come to Good Hope to test. On the handout/webpage posting entitled “OPSB Middle School VIP Criteria” it states that you “agree to attend zoned school campus for ALL standardized and diagnostic testing.”
  4. Students should be at Good Hope no later than 7:50 on their assigned testing day. Pick-up times will vary by grade level because of length of testing sessions.
  5. Students should be sure to bring their fully charged and fully operational OPSB Chromebook and its charger. The testing platform is only loaded to OPSB devices.
  6. Students may bring a cellphone. It will be collected during the test and placed in locked storage until testing is completed. At that time, the cellphone will be returned to students.
  7. When testing is completed, students may call their parents to come pick them up. However, approximate times for pick-up are 6th grade – 10:30; 7th grade – 11:00; 8th grade – 10:30 *** please note these are approximate times. Testing length can be altered due to things like technology glitches, extended time accommodations, etc.