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Week of March 16-20

Answer study guide questions 1-27 for Chapter 4 on Louisiana Government, pages 105-117 in textbook. To access the on-line textbook, use the following directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Louisiana from the choices in the box to the left.
  3. Choose the first choice – Print Edition with Student Activity Website
  4. Login code is: lamsh21     Password: Lagniappe
  5. Then choose Chapter 4

As of today (March 18), I have been made aware that some of you are having trouble getting on the textbook website. I have reached out to the company to see if they can help. For now, let’s revamp our assignment and complete Session 1 of your LEAP 2025 Practice Test. As soon as I hear from the company, I will let you all know how to proceed with the study guide material. 



Week of March 23-27

Continue in your LEAP 2025 Practice Test booklet. Complete Sessions 2 & 3. 

The textbook company said they were overwhelmed with students trying to get on their website last week, so you may try again to get on there and work through the study guide questions from last week as you can. 



Week of April 6-10

Hope everyone enjoyed their “Spring Break”! Unforutnately, its time to get back to some school work. If you scroll down, you’ll find a little “assistance” for some of your work on the LEAP 2025 Practice Test booklet. For this week, please complete your study questions for Chapter 4. The textbook link is still at the top of this page. We’ll check these at a later time. Enjoy your week and have a Happy Easter this coming weekend.











Session 1 LEAP 2025 Answers – check yourself and write your score at the bottom of page 35 (example 20/26)

1.A       2. B       3. C       4. B & ​D

​5.Action taken – interferred with African Americans’ voting rights and enacted Black Codes to restrict the activities of African Americans and control the workforce

   Federal Response – divided the South into 5 military districts to ensure the states ratified and enforced the 14th amendment and passed constituional amendments to protect the rights of African Americans

6.A & C       7. B       8. C       9. C        10. A       11. We will discuss later       12. B & D       13. C       14. A       15. C

16.Causes – droughts disturb natural habitats and hurricanes damage breeding grounds

      Effects – fishing profits decrease and unemployment increases

17.B       18. A & B       19. C       20. D       21. B        22. B       23. D       24. A       25. B       26. D


SESSION 2 Answers​ (check your answers and write your score at the bottom of page 51)

  1. A       28. C       29. B       30. D       31. C       32. reform movement; industrialization and urbanization; improve public education; expand roads and utilities

    33. C       34. B       35. A       36. B       37. We will discuss later       

SESSION 3 Answers (check your answers and write your score at the bottom of page 77)

    38. A       39. A & E       40. D       41. B       42. C       43. We will discuss later       44. C       45. B       46. A        47. D        48. A & F

     49. In Order: New Orleans is founded by BIenville to serve as a commercial center in the Mississippi Valley; Enslaved people and German colonists clear land and build much of New Orleans after their arrival; Spain takes control of Louisiana from France and encourages immigration from Acadia, Ireland, and the Canary Islands; New Orleans thrives with economic activity and becomes a major port on the Mississippi River      

     50. D       51. C       52. A       53. C.       54. B       55. B


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