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Library Student Workers

Library Student Workers are typically 8th grade students and this is an elective.  Student workers are selected by Mrs. Wilkes and are chosen for exhibiting the following characteristics:  the ability to work well with others, show strong ‘customer’ service skills, demonstrate initiative in class, and enjoy being in the library!

Students receive a grade based on their assigned areas in the library and how well students keep things in place in their designated area.  Students are not allowed to have any disciplinary issues and if issues arise, they will be given an 80/C and placed in another elective.

Library Student Worker Shelf Assignments

1st Hour

Historical Fiction

2nd Hour


3rd Hour

Graphic Novels, Realistic Fiction

4th Hour

Non-fiction 000-599

5th Hour

Fantasy, Humor

6th Hour

Non-fiction 600-999

7th Hour

Science Fiction, Horror

8th Hour

Mystery, Adventure