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Student Dress Code


1. No spandex/stretch based pants that fit like leggings (with or without pockets) unless worn with appropriate length top that falls no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

2. No jeans or pants with holes and/or frays that show skin or undergarments.

3. Boys will not be allowed to wear leggings.

4. Bare midriff/open back attire or see through clothing are prohibited

5. No dresses or skirts shorter than 3 inches above the knee or an inappropriate slit.

6. No sleeveless shirts (boys), spaghetti-strap clothing, or tops exposing undergarments. Tank top style shirts are not permitted unless covered by a jacket or sweater. There is no “two finger rule”.

7. No low cut apparel with a plunging neckline that reveals an excessive area of the chest

8. No off the shoulder tops and/or open shoulder tops

9. No sagging or low riding pants or shorts- all pants must be worn appropriately at the waistline preferably with a belt.

10. No clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia, backpacks or material that has any type of drawing, screen painting, décor, word(s), slogans or advertising that is suggestive, vulgar, profane, indecent or advertises/promotes violence, death, alcohol, drugs or tobacco products.

11. No night time attire: house shoes, slippers, pajama tops and/or bottoms, blankets, etc.

12. No unfastened/loose straps, suspenders, buckles or laces

13. No caps, visors, beanies, hats, bandanas, or head wraps (males and females) (Subject to confiscation)

14. No piercings of any kind in boys.

15. No piercings of any kind other than ears in girls. No gauges. Band aids or tape cannot be worn to cover up piercings

16. No Sunglasses

17. No accessories such as chains, combs, picks, spike collars/bracelets/necklaces, etc.

18. No trench coats

19. No extreme hair styles which is determined to be a distraction. Unnatural hair coloring is not allowed.

20. No excessively tight clothing or excessively baggy clothing

21. No cut off clothing

22. Hoodies can be worn into the building and during lunch outdoors, but must be kept in lockers before the 1st tardy bell rings and any other time during school hours.