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Student of the Year

Criteria for being considered for Student of the Year


For students to be considered for Good Hope's Student of the Year, the following criteria must be met:

-attend Good Hope all 3 years
-maintain an A average all 3 years
-score advanced and/or mastery on standardized tests
-have no discipline issues (major or minor)
-have no attendance issues
-have good character
-evidence of leadership skills
-service to others
-interview skills 
- poise, confidence, ability to relate ideas, fluency in speaking, good    voice projection, clear focus of a topic, use of facts to support a position, flexibility in   responses to question, use of correct grammar, relevance of answers or explanations, and appropriate eye contact and body language
-essay writing skills

Students are nominated by the faculty and staff of the school, usually in October. An interview day is scheduled at Good Hope. The interview committee may consist of the principal/assistant principal, counselors, teachers, and a person outside of our school.

The interview lasts about 5 minutes. The winner is selected by the interview committee and announced at a Student of the Year breakfast the same week. Our winner goes on to compete at the Parish level. That winner goes on to compete in the state level.


If you have any questions, please contact the school at 396-9693.