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Boys' 2022 Roster

Gabe Duke
Aaron Hall
Isaac Faz
Drew Wilhite
Gavin Greer
John Tyler Farnell
Kaleb Shinabery
Luke Wiggins
Blake Jameson
Rhys Burnett
Kenyon Rodgers
Seth Wolleson
Dallas Dubose
Parker Mayfield
Braxton May
JonBrayden Clack
Kendall Ford
Peyton Starr
Remy Moore
Maddox Dunn
Aavery Lewis
David Terry
Duston Sherwin
Elijah Hall
Baylor Welch
Logan Spears
Brock Singley
Jamison"Juicy" Slater
Brodie Thurmon
Deshun Thompson
Noah Gordon
Jaden Neck
Eli Hampton
Smoltz Lilly
Brycen Federico

**Updated 1/28/22

This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change. 

Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday until 4/4:15 unless otherwise stated.