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NJHS December 10th Community Service Trip-List of students going

NJHS Community Service Field Trip – Tuesday, December 10th –from 8a.m until 2:30p.m.

The following students are going on the trip. They are responsible for all work missed. The first students to turn in their permission slip are the ones listed. This is about half of our members. Students who turned their slips in unsigned are not eligible to go and are not on the list. The slip must have been signed by the parent AND the student. There were quite a few slips that were not completely signed. Also, if a student turned in a permission slip, but had not turned in the paperwork from the beginning of the school year (September), they were not eligible to go.
Any students not attending this trip will be eligible to attend the spring trip, provided that all necessary paperwork has been completed.

Thank you for your support!!! Good Hope NJHS kids are awesome!

Sophie Arthurs
Avery Ballance
Emma Bigelow
Hayden Breen
Kaleigh Cain
Isabell Cardin
Jay Austin Cash
Jenianne Chase
Clara Cobb
Elizabeth Corrent
Katelyn Crain
Jada Culpepper
Preston Daigle
Lily DeLancey
Dylan Downs
Kamaria Evans
John Wesley Floyd
Ashlyn Ford
MJ Freeman
Avery Gathright
Cara Juneau
Daniel Juneau
Hannah Juneau
Yasmeen Khalifeh
Joanna Lawrence
Jackson Lemoine
Aaron Leshe
Parker Lewis
Drew Long
Kenzie McGee
Malory Morrow
Alayna Nance
Madison Noblit
Audrey Parker
Sam Regan
Kaitlyn Rockett
Anthony Roubique
Andrew Sartor
Caroline Sciro
Emma Smith
Owen Souther
Landon Spears
Caleb Stewart
Ellie Stone
Jaxon Thompson