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8th Grade Baby ads for Yearbook -Due November 21st

Parents of 8th grade students,

We are including a special section in the 2021 yearbook for 8th graders ONLY.  If you would like to purchase an ad for your 8th grade student, please fill out the following information and return it to Mrs. Hogg, room 102, with payment and photos no later than November 21st.

Deadline: November 21, 2018 (NO LATE ADS WILL BE ACCEPTED)

 Submit one form for each ad you purchase.  You may want to use a baby picture or just a favorite snap shot. You may email pictures to me at, but I must receive them at the same time I receive this form and payment. Please be sure to include Name of Student and description of picture in the email. Payment, photos, and this form must be submitted before the deadline.  Email address-

8th Grade Student’s name____________________________________________________________ 

(this is the name that will appear on the ad)

Homeroom teacher:________________________________ 

Parent’s Name: ______________________________Phone Number (daytime)  ____________________

Email address:_________________________________________________________________________

Description of picture:___________________________________________________________________

Please include with this sheet (must be included):

  • Picture(s) to be used in the ad                    attached____  or emailed____
  • Name of student(s) on back of picture
  • Student’s homeroom teacher’s name on back of picture
  • A typed message to place in ad

Ad size and price:

                ____Mini pic - $25.00 Baby picture and name only (no words)

                ____1/8 page - $45.00- 1 picture with maximum of 20 words

                ____1/4 page - $70.00- 1 picture with maximum of 60 words  or

                                                               2 pictures with maximum of 30 words

Payment :    Amount paid___________ Date submitted: _______________