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Hello parents and guardians!

If you haven’t heard about me from your child, I’m their new English and Reading teacher! I wanted to take some time to tell you about myself, as well as lay out my expectations from your child in miy classroom and as my student.

My name is Ms. Betsy Hogg. I’m a recent graduate of Louisiana Tech, and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree from there as well. I am incredibly excited to get to know your child and spend the remainder of my year getting to teach them. Since this is my first year teaching, I am learning quite a bit and growing tremendously along with my students. My intentions are to fulfill my duties as an educator, to follow Good Hope Middle School policy, and to do my best to ensure their needs at school are being met. So far it’s been an absolute joy and an honor to be able to know and teach your child.

If your child has not told you— they are experiencing something completely new in this class since I am now their teacher. In this class alone, your child has experienced inconsistency regarding class rules, rotating teachers/substitutes, and education. I am excited that I will be able to provide even a little bit of steadiness to their week. My hope in posting this is that you, your child, and I can be on the same page regarding what is expected of them. I have gone over my classroom rules thoroughly with each of my classes, have my rules posted in my room, and have sent a letter home with each student to go to parents so there should be no confusion from your child.

Thanks for entrusting me with your kiddo for a couple of hours each day!

Betsy Hogg

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