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ELA Curricula

ELA teachers follow the Louisiana State Department of Education’s ELA Guidebooks using the LEARNZILLION resources. The links below will allow access to the Guidebooks, including required texts and lesson materials. The order in which Gudebook units will be taught is not necessarily the order in which they appear in the Guidebooks. Good Hope Middle School has been provided with sets of novels from the Ouachita Parish School Board and other sources, but these sets do not always allow for practice with certain in-depth engagement activities such as annotation. Families are encouraged to acquire personal copies of the anchor texts if at all possible. 

According to the Louisiana State Department of Education, students in grades 6-8 are expected to grow to a Mastery level or above achievement on LEAP 2025 exams by 8th grade. To aid in understanding what each level of scores on LEAP 2025 looks like, the DOE publishes documents entitled “Achievement Level Descriptors” which outline specific student response details which data gatherers need to see at each level. Links to Achievement Level Descriptors are included for understanding of the rigorous expectations. For understanding of the rigor and style of the LEAP 2025 exam, a Parent Guide to LEAP 2025 Practice Tests document is provided.. This document allows access to certain practice tests in multiple grade levels. 

For the past three years, the Ouachita Parish School Board has been in partnership with the Southern Regional Educational Board using the Louisiana Design Collaborative. This initiative provides planning and teaching resources to support educators in rigor and methodology. A link to a document entitled “Powerful Practices in the Literacy Based Classroom” is included to aid in understanding the look of today’s ELA classroom from both student and teacher perspectives. 

All  links other than the Powerful Practices link are taken from the Louisiana Department of Education’s website but are placed below for quick access. 

6th grade Guidebooks

6th grade Achievement Level Descriptors

7th grade Guidebooks

7th grade Achievement Level Descriptors

8th grade Guidebooks

8th grade Achievement Level Descriptors

Parent Guide to LEAP 2025 Practice Tests

Powerful Practices in the Literacy Based Classroom