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1st 9 weeks: Albert Einstein

Due Date: Friday, October 23


Scientist of the 9 Weeks Bonus Opportunity

Each 9 weeks you will have the opportunity for bonus points. This will be THE ONLY BONUS opportunity. There will be a scientist assigned for each 9 weeks.  You can find this scientists name on the board.  There will be a day towards the end of the 9 weeks designated for Bonus Presentation Day.

You must research the scientist and write a 2 page hand written OR 1-2 page typed paper (doubled spaced, Times New Roman font size 12) AND include AT LEAST one of the following things:

  • a poster
  • a power point presentation (AT LEAST 10 slides…you must print out the slides and turn in a copy.)
  • any other creative idea of your choosing (MUST BE APPROVED BY ME FIRST!!! If doing an experiment, when asking for approval, I will need to know how long it takes and what materials are needed…try it out before you ask! You will also need to include a Lab Report that you have filled out from your experiment.)