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Library Fundraiser FAQ

Library Fundrasier FAQ

Thanks for helping the library by selling our Yankee candles!  This fundraiser is our ONLY source of revunue for supplies and additional book purchases throughout the year.  Anything you can do to help is welcome!  Here is a list of the questions I am asked the most:

Q: Can you accept checks?
A: We can BUT they must be made out to Good Hope Middle School.  

Q: I don’t want to sell candles.  Can I just write a check or donate money?
A: Absolutely you can!!!  Just make sure you clearly put ‘donation to library’ in memo line of the check or write it on the outside of the envelope if you are sending cash.

Q: What is the last day that you will take packets and money?
A: The absolute last day is Monday, February 18th.  Your packets state the 15th but we are out of school that day!  I will be mailing all packets on Monday at 3:00 PM.   

Q: Can you buy online?
A: You sure can! Inside your packet is a sheet with that info but just in case you’ve misplaced it, you will do the following to sell online.  

           To sell: Click on the “Seller Login” button, then fill out the “Sign Up to Be a Seller” form. Use the Group Number (999965195) to register.  
           To buy: Enter the Group Number above, then click “Start Shopping”.

Q: Do I need to collect tax?
A: Nope.  Only online sales require us to collect tax.  The dollar amount listed in the catalog is what the customer will pay.

Q: Why don’t you give out prizes throughout the sale?
A: To give out prizes throughout the sale, I would have to pay from the profits received.  We do not run our fundraiser through a third party company that provides that service.  I’ve found that in the past, the little prizes handed out are tossed quickly at home or not worth spending several hundred dollars in profit on.  I want to get the best bang for YOUR buck!

Q: So are there any prizes?
A: Yes!  Our top 7 sellers in each grade will be invited to attend a party with GameBoxNELA, a luxury limo-style, mobile video game trailer.  It has 7 HD tvs, four consoles, and ability to host up to 28 people playing at one time!  They have everything from Just Dance and Mario Kart to Minecraft and Lego Avengers.  You DO NOT want to miss out!  So sell, sell, sell!


Thanks for helping us with this fundraiser and if you have any questions at all, feel free to call or email me!  The school number is 396-9693 and my email address is  

Many thanks