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Since I do not know how often you will be online, this is a list of the assignments that I am giving while you are out.  I will continue to add to this list, so check back regularly.  The assignments are posted in Google Classroom. 

  • Assignment 1: Using Verbs Correctly (Introduction to regular and irregular verbs with practice questions and games.) 
  • Assignment 2:  Principal Parts of Verbs interactive worksheet
  • Assignment 3: Principal Parts of Verbs: Practice Activities
  • Assignment 4: Irregular Verbs videos
  • Assignment 5: Harry Potter Escape Room (Just for fun) 
  • Assignment 6: Irregular Verbs Practice Quiz 
  • Assignment 7: There, Their, They’re Lesson
  • Assignment 8: There, Their, They’re Quizizz
  • Assignment 9: CommonLit: Superman's Secret Identity


Mrs. Wilkes, our school librarian, has posted some amazing projects, free books, and actvities on the library page for you to have something fun to do from home.  Check it out!