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Weekly Agenda

Week of 2/11-2/14


  1.  Bell Ringer
  2. Essential Vocabulary – Jim Crow Era Terms
  3. GimKit – Jim Crow Era Terms Game


  1.  Bell Ringer – GimKit – Jim Crow Era Game
  2. Sharecropping Video
  3. Sharecropping Article
  4. Flipgrid:  How was sharecropping like slavery?



  1.  Bell Ringer
  2. Plessy v. Ferguson Court Decision Video Clip
  3. Complete the following questions on a google doc and submit via Googleclassroom.
  1. What does the Supreme Court rule in Plessy v. Ferguson about state legislature passing laws segregating the races?
  2. What does the Supreme Court say about how African-Americans should feel about legal segregation?
  3. What does the Supreme Court say the role of the Constitution is in regard to equality of the races?


  1.  Bell Ringer – GimKit – Jim Crow Era Game
  2.  Research review the following:
    1. Jim Crow Era Article
    2. LA Constitution of 1898
    3. Jim Crow Laws in LA
  3. Group Flipgrid:  Explain how the social and political changes experienced by African-Americans in Louisiana from Reconstruction through the Jim Crow Era violated African-Americans rights as citizens of the United States.
    1. Each person must provide a change and state the evidence they found that shows that change.