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Terry Waldrop

Welcome to my online classroom.   You are welcome to join the Google Classroom where I will post assignments, etc;  The codes are as follows:


First Period:    Code is :  uz7i2xq


Second Period:   Code is :   73eqah7


Fourth Period:  Code is:  keppmsu


Fifth Period:  Code is :  ijsmsva


Sixth Period:   Code is :  4qdop2r


Seventh Period:     Code is:  a5zcnah


My combined Virtual/ In person class is 5th period and there is always a google meet link that will be posted on the classroom;  Keep in mind this will change so refesh the classroom page to get the most current google meet link.


The class is an overview of Louisana History;   Typically we will have a major test every 10 -14 school days worth 100 points.  There will be written assignments due that enhance and help reinforce the google slides we went over in class.  These will typically be matching, crossword definitions, word searches, and written questions that will be turned in online (for VIP) or in person for everyone else.  They are greaded.  I STRONGLY suggest you do the assignments as there will be 10-50 points on each one and those can dramatically impact your grade. If you don’t turn the required assignments in (and all assignments are due on test day) it is recored as a zero.   

I will give you a study guide for each unit (hard copy for those in class)  I will also post it online in the google classroom for VIP and everyone else (in case you lose it)

My planning period is 3rd hour from 10:10-11:01 AM;     You can reach me via email  at

Terry Waldrop

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