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Betsy McCaslin


Greetings, parents!

My name is Mrs. Betsy McCaslin, and I will be your child’s sixth grade Reading and English teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. What a joy it is to have your child in my class. Thank you for taking the bold step to bring them back to the classroom. I will do everything I can to keep your child and my classroom safe. As I begin this year, know that it is my goal to teach my students with love, fairness, and joy. I strive to help them realize that through learning, they can positively impact their lives.

With that being said, this is your child’s first year in middle school, which is so very exciting for them. While they’re growing up, it’s important that you know that even in sixth grade, Good Hope students are held to high standards. I do have classroom rules, which I will highlight below, and I expect them to be adhered to. My mission is not to give consequences. I hope to see your child grow in many ways during this school year.


Classroom Rules

  1. Be respectful: It’s important that students in my class have respect for their classmates, me, and most importantly, themselves.
  2. Be responsible: Students should take into consideration the fact that they’re in middle school, and they’re held responsible for their work, their materials, getting to class on time, and more.
  3. Be prompt: Students are expected to BE ON TIME in everything they do!
  4. Be prepared: Students should come to school with the proper supplies each day, be prepared for quizzes/tests, and have anything else necessary to get through each day.


Procedures for students:

-You may enter the classroom SILENTLY after I greet you at the door each day.

-Promptly apply hand sanitizer and take the most direct route to your desk.

-At your desk, take out only the materials that you need for my class, and do the assignment that is on the board.

-If you are tardy (not in your desk when the bell rings), you will receive a minor infraction assignment. If you are tardy more than once, you will receive an office referral.


Hierarchy of Consequences

Step 1: Verbal warning or redirection

Step 2: Private teacher conference with student; after this, 5 points will be deducted from student’s participation grade for each offense

Step 3: Make a phone call to student’s parents explaining what s/he did wrong; conduct another private teacher conference with student

Step 4: Parent conference with child present

Step 5: Office Referral

Step 6: In school suspension



This year Good Hope Middle School is following the Louisiana ELA Guidebooks curriculum. This curriculum consists of three units, each with an anchor text, and various texts to support each unit. Our three units are of Out of the Dust (August 30, 2020-October 20, 2020), Hatchet (October 31-January 29, 2021), and If Stones Could Speak (February 1, 2021-April 16, 2021).



Students will receive a total of 900 points (450 pts. for Reading and 450 pts. for English) each nine weeks. These will be made up of quizzes, participation, bell ringers, and other assignments.

Your child is responsible for making up missed work, but they are encouraged to come to me to ask about anything they missed while absent. I will post my weekly agenda on my Google Classroom, as well as my teacher page on All assignments will be available to do at home on the computer, so there is no excuse for missed assignments. If tests and assignments are not completed by the end of the nine week period, a zero will remain for each incomplete test or assignment.


***Parent letters and agendas will be posted and regularly updated on my teacher page at Everything else regarding students (assignments, homework, agendas, etc.) will be posted on their Google Classroom. I will provide them with a code to access their classrooms on an internet device at home.

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