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Attendance Policy


     The Ouachita Parish School System recognizes that consistent regular school attendance is mandatory to meet the needs of students.

In accordance with state, parish, and school attendance policy, several attendance issues need to be addressed to promote better school attendance.

Students are allowed to miss 10 days per school year (5 per semester). If a student misses more than 10 days (unexcused), the following may apply:

-student not being allowed to attend field trips

-student not being allowed to participate in competitions

-student’s standing within an organization may be affected

-student not being allowed to participate in PBIS events

-student may fail a course for the year (F6)

-student may not be eligible to be placed in advanced classes the following year

-student may face other consequences as deemed suitable by school administrators


When a student misses school, the student should provide an excuse (ex. Doctor’s excuse) to the front office.

If a student checks in late or checks out early, the student is marked absent in the classes missed that day. Students may be required to do seat recovery on Saturdays.

Absences are not just counted in first hour homeroom, attendance is per class.

The school will report excessive absences to the Ouachita Parish Truancy officers with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.

At the end of each year, if attendance is an issue, the student will be referred to the school’s student building level committee (SBLC). In order to pass, the student will be required to meet with the Ouachita Parish Child Welfare and Attendance office. It will be determined whether or not the excessive absences will cause the student to fail the grade or be allowed to be “placed” in the next grade by the SBLC committee. The parent should then provide the school with a letter from this office stating the outcome. Until this letter is received, the student’s placement will be considered pending.