Nurses Corner

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Darlene Honeycutt
Jessica Branch

MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL:  If your child requires medication during school hours, please meet with the nurse for appropriate paperwork and signatures. Students are not allowed to carry any medication on their person at school.  La. Law mandates that specific forms are completed by a doctor and parents.(Required forms attached) If a student is found to have any medication in their possession, over the counter or prescription, disciplinary actions will occur. 

ILLNESS AT SCHOOL: OPSB policy states that a student cannot attend school with a fever greater than 100 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea.  They can return to school once symptoms have stopped for 24 hours without medication.

HEAD LICE:  OPSB policy states that students found with live bugs will have to be picked up from school and all nits/bugs have to be removed before returning.  Students will have to be cleared by the nurse before returning to class  or riding the bus.  

IMMUNIZATIONS:  Please make sure that your student is up to date on their immunizations.  There is an 11 year old booster that is due now.  This is required by law.