Garvin, Lesley

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Welcome to 6th Grade English!

Lesley Garvin

Planning Period:  6th

Parents: If your child is absent, it is his/her responsibility to make up the work in a timely manner. Please encourage your child to make up their work the day they return.

Bellringer-Each week, your child will complete daily Bellringers. We will test on Fridays, and it will count for 50 points. 

Spelling-Spelling words will be given on Monday, and students will be tested on Fridays. This test will count for 50 points. 

        May 7th-11th

BELLRINGER None this week
SPELLING None this week

Monday-Make note cards and study guides for Propaganda Test tomorrow. 

Propaganda Test

WednesdayBenchmark Test

Thursday-Review Benchmark

Friday-Make up grades and tests

*This agenda is subject to change.

*Not all items from the lessons are posted on Messenger 



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