Meredith, Mallory

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!
Mallory Meredith
Room 108
Planning Period:  4th period 10:26 - 11:14


AGENDA: Week of 11/12-11/16

Monday - No School! Veteran's Day

TuesdayGraphing Activity

Wednesday - Graphing Activity

Thursday - Check Graphing Activity

Friday - Thanksgiving Activity! Happy Holidays!

**Please click on the 6th grade science tab on the left hand side of the page then click on Assignments.  Here you will find a folder for each week containing lessons, power points, articles, worksheets, video links, etc... that are used during each week's lessons.

**Homework: Study/look over each days notes/work that night. 

Most days homework will be to complete that day's work if not completed in class.  Some class periods may have it, while others may not depending on what was done in class.  We are adjusting to shorter Science class periods...for this reason, homework will be assigned at the end of class if needed!

**This agenda is subject to change.**

ABSENCES: If a student is absent from my class, he/she will be responsible for checking the cabinet for the day(s) in which he/she missed to get any make up work.  

Bonus Opportunity: Scientist of the 6 Weeks!  
Forms can be found in the Class Document folder; due at the end of each 6 weeks on Presentation day! 

3rd 6 Weeks scientist: Marie Curie

Due Date: 
January 8, 2019


6th grade parents:

We wanted to let you know that your student may see a schedule change starting Monday, November 28. These changes were necessary to help out with the large class sizes in all of our core subjects 3rd hour. Students that had Ms. Black first hour for English will now have Ms. Black for 3rd hour English.  1st hour will become Ms. Black's planning period.  Whatever class these students had for 3rd hour will obviously have to change.  We took a few students out of each of the large 3rd hour classes and placed them in smaller size classes.  We hope this helps!  If you have any concerns, you can contact our counselor, Mrs. Aulds, at school.

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